Ending in a Hot Spring

The oldest hot springs in the state of Nevada is located just south of Reno

The Doors of Nevada aren’t just the gateway to the past, they allow one to peek into the very soul of our very state. Some are rugged and worn, made by hand with determination, while others offer warm hydrotherapeutic mineral waters. These doors all have a story to tell.

The oldest hot springs in the state of Nevada is located just south of Reno

Follow in the footsteps of the past and walk through the healing Door of Steamboat Hot Springs.

Through the dusty Doors of Nevada we see a varied and difficult history. One filled with hard-work and dirt, holes filled with gold and silver, frozen winters and burning Northern Nevada summers.

This rugged climate has help mold every Nevadan. The grit and determination has offered a different way to look at our wilderness. The soul of the state is built with this determination, but also healed by its waters. Steamboat Springs is this healing water.

These natural hot-springs are notable for their curative reputation. They were acclaimed by President Ulysses S. Grant when he visited in 1879.

Early emigrants thought they looked like a distant Steamboat because of their puffing and blowing.  Felix Monet located the springs in 1860, and Doctor Joseph Ellis subsequently added a hospital and bathhouses in 1861.

Comstock mining and the coming of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad in 1871 caused Steamboat to become a terminal. Materials for the silver mines were transferred to freight wagons for the steep haul to Virginia City at this point. The completion of the tracks abolished the need for a junction, but the resort’s popularity reached its peak with the bonanza days during the 1870s.

Health seekers, and conditioning athletes continue to visit here. Located in South Reno, these Doors offer a glimpse into a comfortable past.

At times, the Doors of Nevada give us a voice from where we work, where we live, where we come from and most importantly, where we heal, detox, smile and relax.